All about nipple areola tattooing after breast reconstruction

tatouage de l'aréonipple areola tattoole du mamelon

All about nipple areola tattooing after breast reconstruction

Technological advances in the service of healthcare bring us good news. Nipple areola tattooing in breasts that have been reconstructed after mastectomy is now a reality.

After breast removal, either because of a malignant lesion or for prevention, some women decide to start the breast reconstruction process. This surgery is known as mastectomy. Going through this whole process is not easy for the patient, but those who have done it find amazing results that help them improve their self-esteem. One of our most recent cases is that of Emilia. This patient had a prophylactic mastectomy and, in this case, we were able to preserve the areola and nipple. The process ended with an immediate reconstruction with breast prosthesis.

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Nipple areola tattooing as a final part of breast reconstruction.

When a mastectomy is performed, breast tissue and nipple areola are often removed. At the end of the reconstruction process, the patient chooses if and how she wants to reconstruct the nipple. This procedure is usually performed a few months after breast reconstruction. The objective is to match the shape, color, projection and position of the nipple to that of a natural nipple.

nipple areola tattoo

Image of a hyperrealistic nipple areola tattoo on synthetic skin.

There are several ways to reconstruct both the areola and the nipple. This may require grafting, flaps or tattooing.

  • In the case of the nipple, reconstructed breast skin (local flaps), a fragment of the other nipple, skin from the elbow or another location can be used.
  • To reconstruct the areola, it may be necessary to take a skin graft from the groin or other parts of the body or to perform a tattoo. These procedures are usually performed under local anesthesia, without requiring hospitalization.

At Dr. Villaverde we always recommend nipple reconstruction with local flaps. This option consists of creating the nipple protrusion using these flaps, folding them on themselves and suturing them in such a way that they acquire a three-dimensional arrangement.

In the case of areolas, tattooing is usually the best option. Nowadays we can achieve the replica of the nipple-areola complex with ink and hyperrealism. And, although it is an option that has certain limits, more and more women are choosing to get a nipple areola tattoo.

Today, 3D tattoos are being performed with spectacular results. In 2017 the BBC published in this article“The 3D nipple tattoo that gives confidence back to women who went through a mastectomy” the case of Claire Louise Willis. Louise provided free areola tattoos to women who had suffered from breast cancer. One day he posted a photo of one of his 3D works and the image was shared almost 90,000 times.

Women who undergo breast reconstruction regain their breasts but do not have a nipple. This simple technique has become a great ally of breast reconstructions and the finishing touch to the whole process.

It is absolutely recommended for all women who have reached this point to conclude their reconstruction with this technique. It is also essential to look for a good specialist in this field, so that he/she can recreate the nipple-areola complex with maximum realism, thus avoiding bad results.

Nipple areola tattooing in February and March at the clinic of Dr. Villaverde

nipple areola tattoo

During the months of February and March we are going to carry out a very special nipple areola tattoo campaign for all women who want to finish the breast reconstruction process with this technique.

We have counted with the collaboration of Elena Alonso Gaztelumendi, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Expert in Medical-Aesthetic Tattooing. With it in our office you can have your areolas tattooed. You only have to make an appointment at 684 148 979 for the months of February and March.

We are waiting for you!