The volume of the prosthesis… something so important when considering a prosthetic augmentation. The size chosen varies greatly according to the patient’s preferences, fashions, trends in each place, the desired physical prototype… and in the environment that surrounds us, augmentations with prostheses of moderate and large sizes have traditionally preponderate.

In my clinical practice I have observed that this pattern does not fit all patients, and more and more patients are requesting breast augmentations with prostheses of a size that could be considered “small”. We have done breast augmentations with 175 and 200 cc prostheses obtaining fantastic results.

In general, the profile of the patient to whom we perform this procedure, are very demanding patients, perfectionists, and who have very clear ideas about their perfect breast, and if you listen to them, the surgeon can only get a good result. Often, the perfect breast is not a large breast, but a symmetrical, harmonious, firm and rounded shape … and that can be achieved perfectly with a prosthesis considered “small”. On the other hand, it goes without saying that in the long term the result remains more stable when we use small or moderate sized prostheses. In cases where we use large prostheses, the breast stretches a lot, the skin, and as a consequence the tissues age worse, the gland surrounding the prosthesis atrophies…

Breast augmentation with small prosthesis

Breast augmentation with small prosthesis and tuberous breasts

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