Many times our patients read about this procedure or we tell them about it ourselves and they couldn’t be more thrilled… a procedure that removes fat from my excess areas and then we use it for breast augmentation? Yes, it exists, and it is not science fiction.

This is a procedure that is increasingly in demand. Nowadays our patients attach great importance to naturalness and many of them do not want to implant strange devices such as prostheses. That is why more and more patients are asking us for this procedure.

What is breast augmentation with fat or breast lipofilling?

It is a procedure that combines liposuction of areas with excess fat (abdomen, buttocks, back, flanks, etc.), and the processing of that fat to graft it to the desired area. Processing is the method of purification, filtration, centrifugation, etc. that we use to obtain reliable and stable grafts. Our preferred method today is the filtration with puregraft system, since we are able to maintain the sterility of the grafts in a closed and safe system. On the other hand, by filtering twice, the fat grafts are pure and their predictability is quite high.

Once we have our grafts processed, we infiltrate them into the breasts with fine cannulas. All the procedures of this surgery do not leave scars (since we use fine cannulas for both extraction and infiltration).

Which patients are candidates?

  • Patients with fat donor area (thin or very thin patients we do not get enough adipose tissue to have quality grafts).

  • Patients with non-ptotic breasts (breasts should not be sagging).

  • Patients who want a moderate or small augmentation (if they want a considerable augmentation, it is better to opt for prostheses).

  • Patients who remove their prostheses after years of using them and want to improve the appearance of their breasts.

  • Patients who undergo a pexy or breast lift and do not want to have prostheses implanted, the upper poles can be filled with fat to enhance their cleavage.

What is the surgery like?

  • It is a surgery that can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation or under general anesthesia, depending on the patient and the procedure indicated in each case.

  • It is performed in an operating room with adequate monitoring of the patient and with a team of qualified professionals.

  • It must be performed by a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery (there is no other degree that guarantees a good training in this field, for example, the “aesthetic surgeon” is not approved).

  • The surgery lasts 2 to 3 hours, and during the postoperative period the patient must wear a compression garment for 6 weeks. Drainage massages and gentle mobilizations are also helpful for recovery.

  • The postoperative period is basically swelling and there may be pain in the liposuctioned area for the first few days.

  • The final result may actually take a month and a half to two months to be seen.

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