The breasts are an essential part of a woman’s body, both personally and in terms of identity, sexuality and functionality. Of course, the aesthetic aspect is very important.


There are multiple descriptions of the perfect breast, we know the dimensions, shape, projection, proportions that they must have to be considered “harmonious”.

There is no doubt that one of the most important characteristics is that both breasts are symmetrical or as similar as possible.

Sometimes we find asymmetries in both breasts, whether congenital, deformities acquired throughout life, or as a result of breast surgery or after mastectomies due to cancer.


There are different surgical techniques to equalize both breasts, depending on the case, the following procedures may be necessary:



  • Correction of deformities with lipofilling or fat grafting. The patient’s own fat can be used to increase volume or correct deformities in a particular breast.


  • Breast expander implant and prosthesis replacement. It involves reconstructing a breast that has undergone a mastectomy, with an expandable prosthesis using water, which stretches the skin. In a second stage, the expander will be replaced by a definitive prosthesis.



  • Correction of tuberous breasts: it is very common that tuberous breasts are asymmetrical and we have to use different techniques in each breast to make them equal.


  • Pedicled (LAT) and microsurgical (DIEP) flaps for reconstruction of mastectomized breasts.

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