Essential healthy habits for 2019

Essential healthy habits for 2019

Healthy habits are essential for a healthy and balanced life. Both physically and mentally. Being comfortable with our physique is undoubtedly an important factor in individual well-being, but having a series of healthy routines completes the list of factors that make it possible for us to feel good. In short, they help us to be happier.

Every New Year it has become a tradition that we all make our list of resolutions to be better with others and with ourselves. We list you in this article a list of essential healthy habits for 2019. Habits that complement any surgery or aesthetic treatment. Because in addition to feeling beautiful and stylish on the outside, we want to be healthy on the inside.

What are healthy habits?

The RAE defines habit as: “special way of proceeding or behaving acquired by repetition of the same or similar acts, or originating from instinctive tendencies”. Therefore, more than leading a healthy life, the ideal is to have healthy living habits. Routines that make us be in balance with our environment and with ourselves. Activities that are not harmful to our health or physical well-being.

What are the essential healthy habits we recommend you start this 2019?

We have grouped healthy habits into 8 major groups. Remember that habits have to be practiced every day in order to introduce them into our daily lives. Only in this way will they cost us less and less effort.

The 8 great healthy habits are:

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Rest
  3. Body Postures
  4. Hygiene
  5. Feeding
  6. Mental Balance
  7. Social Activities
  8. Environment

Physical Activity

Physical activity is one of the most important healthy habits to keep in mind when making new resolutions in 2019. Going for a morning run, introducing Yoga into your life, toning exercises such as GAP (glutes, abs and legs)…are some of the exercises that can help you feel good physically.

Physical exercise also has very positive effects on our mind. By doing sports, our brain secretes endorphins, the hormones of happiness. So you know, even if it’s hard to get up early to go for a run, do it. You’ll end the day a little happier.


Rest is not only a healthy habit, but a vital necessity. Resting properly helps us to have a better daily performance, to think better and to improve our concentration. The benefits of rest do not end there. Practicing rest as one of the healthy habits of 2019 will bring improvements to the appearance of your face.

What are the benefits of resting for the skin?

Within healthy habits, resting is one of the most important benefits for the quality of your skin. Adequate sleep allows us to cleanse impurities and secrete hormones that help rebuild skin cells. During the night the skin activates its own cell renewal routines and the so-called youth hormone is much more active. Sleeping an average of 7 to 8 hours and precise aesthetic treatments will undoubtedly help you to have a more perfect skin in 2019.

Body Postures

Sometimes we believe that healthy habits only have visible physical effects such as being thinner or more hydrated. The reality is that there are highly recommended habits such as sitting correctly or lying down properly that are very beneficial for our bones and muscles.

Not adopting these healthy habits can lead to cervical or spinal injuries, and this would prevent us from doing other types of exercises, as well as pains and not aesthetically pleasing malformations.


Adopt healthy habits such as washing your hands before and after going to the bathroom, showering with lukewarm water and not too hot, using the soaps necessary for your skin or cleaning off the day’s makeup. Healthy habits also apply to the cleaning of our body. Remember to have regular facial cleansings to have a much more luminous and youthful face.


Christmas is a prime example of unhealthy eating habits. Once a year does not hurt and nothing happens, but once these dates pass we have to get going to recover healthy habits in our kitchen.

Balanced nutrition is not about starving yourself or depriving yourself of any particular food. Ideally, you should go to a diet specialist and have a tailor-made eating routine made for you. Avoid following magic diets, each body is different and each lifestyle requires a different food intake. Always put yourself in the hands of specialists, both in aesthetic surgery and in nutrition.

Mental Balance

To be at ease with ourselves, we must practice good thoughts. Being positive will help us to feel good. For this it is very important that you can dedicate a moment every day to be with yourself, to reflect on your hopes, thoughts and desires. Reading and doing activities that facilitate concentration are healthy habits to maintain a positive mental balance.

Social Activities

We are social beings by nature and therefore including healthy habits such as meeting friends to talk or going to the movies are very important to feel good about ourselves. Being in contact with others and feeling that we are part of the lives of those closest to us are important factors in happiness.


This group of healthy habits is related to the enjoyment and care of the natural environment. It is just as important to spend a few minutes a week at the beach or in the mountains as it is to adopt environmentally friendly habits such as recycling.

Every New Year we make a list of resolutions to feel good. This year, don’t forget to include “adopt healthy habits in 2019”.