Everything you need to know about ultrasound rhinoplasty

Everything you need to know about ultrasound rhinoplasty

Ultrasound rhinoplasty is here to stay. More and more people are choosing to have their noses shaped to improve their appearance. This innovative technique is more precise, less aggressive and reduces pain after such an operation,

All about rhinoplasty with ultrasound.

The nose is one of the components of the face, along with the eyes, that gives us the most personality. Often this part of the face is a complex, either because it is a very large nose and breaks the harmony of the face or because it is very small, arched, pointing downwards or the opposite. The nose has infinite shapes.

Rhinoplasty is the fifth most demanded aesthetic surgery according to
SECPRE, the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
). With this surgery we manage to reshape the nose improving its proportions and harmony in the face as a whole. Although not always responds to aesthetic needs, rhinoplasty can also help us to correct secondary respiratory or ventilatory alterations, due to hereditary causes, accidents or sequelae of other previous surgeries.

How does rhinoplasty with ultrasound work?

Rhinoplasty with ultrasound is a very innovative technique in the field of facial aesthetic surgery, which has managed to develop a much more precise procedure, less painful for the patient and with amazing effects. This technique is performed with a specific device called Piezotome and heads of various sizes that allow us to work each area according to the needs.

With this device, already in the operating room, we are able to access the inside of the nose and activate ultrasound to file and break the bone in a controlled manner almost to the millimeter. In this way we achieve the results expected by the patient, slightly damaging the soft tissues and making the postoperative period much more bearable than with traditional rhinoplasty.

The Piezotome emits ultrasound capable of making osteotomies (bone cuts) in an atraumatic way, without injuring other structures adjacent to the bone (cartilage, soft tissue, skin, etc.). The procedure is localized and selective, providing unequalled precision. This device is complemented with different heads for different functions: scraping, bone cutting, perforation, intense scraping, etc. The Piezotome has a built-in irrigation system to prevent tissue heating during the procedure. The long-term results of rhinoplasty with ultrasound are long-lasting. The patient suffers less pain and less inflammation.

What we can achieve with a rhinoplasty

In general, a rhinoplasty is used to make our nose respond to the canons of beauty related to the symmetry and harmony of the face. In this way with this aesthetic surgery we can:

  • Modifying the size of the nose in relation to the face
  • Change the width of the nasal bridge.
  • Modify the size and position of the nostrils.
  • Model the nasal profile, which sometimes instead of being straight, presents humps, irregularities, or depressions at the level of the nasal bridge.
  • Profiling the tip, either because it is large, bulbous, drooping, upturned or hooked.
  • Correct nasal asymmetries.

Advantages of ultrasound rhinoplasty

Ultrasound rhinoplasty has several very clear advantages that I list here based on my experience:

  1. Greater precision: with ultrasonic rhinoplasty we are able to reshape the bone and correct defects, avoiding the appearance of fractures or more fragile bones.
  2. Less aggressive: thanks to ultrasound and its precision, there is less edema and inflammation. Thanks to this technique we reduce the postoperative effects.
  3. Less change, more perfection: with this innovative technique we can achieve great changes and maintain the naturalness of the face.
  4. Faster recovery: the patient is able to return to daily life much more quickly than with the usual rhinoplasty.

How much does a rhinoplasty with ultrasound cost?

The price of ultrasonic rhinoplasty varies according to the type of procedure required in each case and its complexity. Some cases are simpler, shorter and less demanding, while others may be somewhat more complex. It is always advisable to study each case in depth to determine the type of intervention and its budget.

The price of your rhinoplasty with ultrasound will be determined at the first consultation, which is free of charge, and will include the following:



-hospital admission and use of operating room

-medical tests required

-splints and/or bandages



Real cases of rhinoplasty with ultrasounds

Ultrasound rhinoplasty is not yet widespread in Spain. There are only a few surgeons who perform it and we are already achieving great results.

rhinoplasty with ultrasound