Facelift and neck lift is the facial cosmetic surgery that helps you to recover the smoothness, volume and youthfulness of the face and neck that over the years have been affected. Aging causes the connective tissue that holds all the structures together to become laxer and the skin loses its firmness, resulting in “sagging” in areas such as bags, the malar area, the jaw, etc. At the neck level, there is a sagging of the neck, appearance of cervical cords, excess skin and fat, “double chin”, etc. Another of the most common consequences is wrinkled skin and deep furrows in the expression areas.

In addition, as we age, we lose one of the most important components for maintaining freshness and youthfulness in the face: oil. This loss occurs in areas that appear full during youth, such as the cheekbones, chin, pretotid area, temples, etc.

At Dr. Villaverde we will work with you to define your needs so that the facelift and neck lift can give back to your face the freshness, smoothness and youthfulness that it has naturally lost.

How do you know if a face and neck lift is the cosmetic surgery you need?

● Your face shows sagging in the face and neck area.
● Your cheekbones have little volume
● Low jaw volume increase.
● You have very deep wrinkles or furrows in expression areas.
● Your neck has strings or plastimagnetic bands

What is a face and neck lift?

Facelift and neck lift is a surgical procedure within facial cosmetic surgery that repairs all the changes associated with aging. First, the supporting tissues of the face, the so-called SMAS or “superficial musculoaponeurotic system”, are dissected and tightened, restoring firmness to the jaw, nasolabial fold, malar and frontal areas. The SMAS can be tightened by different techniques (plication, resection, etc). to be applied according to the characteristics of each patient.

Face and neck lift procedure

At the level of the neck, the muscular mesh made up of the platysma muscle must be retensioned and reconstructed (sometimes the muscle fibers of the platysma separate and form unsightly platysmal bands), so this muscle must be reconstructed and its competence restored. Finally, the skin of the face and neck must be readapted, eliminating all the excess skin and tightening the tissue following the appropriate vectors.
The design of the incisions is also crucial since they will determine the location of the scars, and it is essential to locate them in natural folds and behind the ear so that they are imperceptible to other people. On the other hand, scars must heal without excessive tension so that the scar is flat and eutrophic (not widened or hypertrophic), thus making them discreet.

What is the facelift and neck lift procedure like from the point of view of

This surgery is performed in the operating room, under general anesthesia. The incision goes in front of the ear and behind, and the skin plane must be dissected and the SMAS fascia must be identified or dissected to apply or tighten it. The excess skin is removed and readapted to the new situation, much smoother and defining the facial contour in a more natural way.
appropriate manner. As for the neck, the same facelift incision is used to tighten the tissues.

However, in many cases it is necessary to make an incision under the chin to access and work on the medial neck area, as well as to remove the platysmal cords. The procedure lasts about 4 hours, and it is common to leave a small redon on each side of the face. It is recommended that the patient stays overnight in the hospital, and the next day a first treatment is performed. If all is well, you will go home that day after the cure.

What is the postoperative period after a face and neck lift like?

In the postoperative period, pressotherapy garments are prescribed, consisting of a chin support that compresses the chin, neck and face. They should be worn for approximately 2 weeks to help swelling and edema to be reabsorbed sooner. The postoperative period is bearable, it is not painful and the patient can practically lead a normal life, except for sports.
The stitches are removed after 7 days, and it is advisable to use high protection photoprotector on the scars for 1 year, to prevent them from pigmenting.

Complement this surgery with a Facial Lipofilling.

An accessory procedure to the facelift that enhances the result is facial lipofilling: it consists of grafting the patient’s own adipose tissue to fill in areas that have been left empty by the
aging, such as chin, cheekbones, etc.

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