Get ready for the real operation bikini

Get ready for the real operation bikini

Operation Bikini is about to come to an end. Every year the same resolutions. The summer months are approaching and you want to show off that wonderful bikini you bought. Taking care of yourself throughout the year, doing sports and eating right, is essential to achieve the image you want. But, there are always treatments and surgeries that you can introduce in your operation bikini.

3 perfect treatments to improve your operation bikini.

1. Botox

The famous botulinum toxin is a purified substance derived from bacteria that helps block nerve signals to the muscles and prevents them from contracting, causing wrinkles to diminish or disappear. The treatment of wrinkles with botulinum toxin is one of the star procedures to combat the signs of aging, but also the consequences of the sun or pollution.

It is recommended to start treating the face with this treatment from the age of 30, to prevent expression lines from forming on skin that is less smooth and elastic than in the 20s.

There are many other cases in which botulinum toxin injection is recommended, but it is undoubtedly an ideal treatment for the pre-summer months, since skin aggressions at this time of the year are much more frequent. Botox is not only an effective treatment but also prevents wrinkles from appearing later.


2. Liposuction

The perfection of a body depends on many factors. Among them, fashions and beauty standards play a fundamental role in the definition of a perfect body. Currently the harmony between all parts of the body is one of the conditions for having a perfect body, the right balance between curves and contours.

buttock augmentation

Liposuction is a procedure that removes by aspiration through fine cannulas the fat deposits accumulated over the years, which often do not respond to diet or exercise. That is why it is important to do sports and take care of yourself at all times, but this procedure can help you fight localized fat in some areas of your body that are more difficult to improve with traditional methods.

So you are still in time to plan a liposuction, and even a liposculpture to mold those areas of your body that you have not been able to treat in your bikini operation.

3. Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation has always been one of the most demanded surgeries, since many women want to show off a dizzying cleavage.

How is a breast augmentation operation evaluated? Deciding to increase the size of the breasts must always be a decision studied and planned by a specialist on an individual basis, according to the physical characteristics of each patient.

If you want to take your bikini operation to the next level you can ask for a virtual simulation of a breast augmentation, as well as the simulation through fitting rooms on your own body and with your clothes, and make the decision with the support of our advice. You still have time to show off a plunging neckline this summer.