What is high definition liposuction about?

This is a trend that consists of performing liposuction, considerably reducing the adipose content of the body, but defining the muscular anatomy of the patient. The aim is to “sculpt” the body in question with the liposuction cannula, not only removing excess fat but also creating transition zones, lights and shadows simulating the muscular definition of the most athletic bodies.

From defining a “six pack”, the obliques, the paravertebral muscles of the spine, the pectoral muscles, the deltopectoral groove, etc. It is possible to recreate the muscular anatomy of each patient, or to thin the fatty tissue so much that the patient’s own musculature can be glimpsed.

This liposuction can be performed with different techniques, the best known is with the help of vaser-Lipo, which emulsifies the fat in the treated tissues by means of ultrasound. The fat is then extracted, “sculpting” and creating transitions with the extraction cannula, working layer by layer.

However, there are also other techniques in place to achieve high definition liposuction, such as SAFE lipo, which seeks to define contours in 3 steps: fat separation, aspiration and equalization, where the result is uniformized and properly sculpted.


Safe LIPO has the advantage of being a safer technique (vaser can sometimes produce unwanted burns or retractions in the tissues) and allows combining liposuction procedures with liposculpture, since the fat does not suffer or is not damaged by the ultrasound energy, therefore it is ready to be used as a graft (in buttocks, breasts, face, etc.). On the other hand, the body is sculpted in a natural and harmonious way, avoiding exaggeration and excess.

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