Lip augmentation is one of the most requested procedures at Dr. Villaverde’s office.

The main reasons for our patients are:

  • They have little volume in their lips and would like to augment them to make them look fuller.
  • Their lips have some asymmetry and they would like to make them more uniform.
  • They have the need to enhance contouring, cupid’s bow, philtrum, as well as volume in general.
  • They have dry, cracked and poorly hydrated lips. They would like to have more hydrated and soft.
  • Lips of the right volume and shape, which they would like to enhance even more.

Our preferred filler for this area hyaluronic acid is our preferred filler for this area, although it can also be filled with the patient’s own adipose tissue. with the patient’s own adipose tissue (lipofilling) (link to lipofilling). or other types of synthetic fillers. However, hyaluronic acid is a safe filler, which does not generate rejection and fulfills its objective of gently modifying the anatomy in a natural and discreet manner.

In the hypothetical case that the patient does not like the result, the hyaluronic acid could be dissolved with a substance called hyaluronidase, recovering the previous aspect without any associated problem.


How do we perform lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid at DraVillaverde?


The hyaluronic acid infiltration procedure is simple, quick and painless. We usually apply local anesthesia in the commissures or perform a blockage in order to apply the hyaluronic acid in a precise and painless way for the patient. It usually lasts about 30 minutes, and can be applied on the upper lip, lower lip at the corners of the mouth, lower lip in its entirety, or on both upper and lower lips.

We usually use an infiltration cannula an infiltration cannula so that the infiltration is atraumatic and does not generate inflammation in the tissues, although in certain cases we are also interested in using needles to enhance specific areas.However, in certain cases we are also interested in using needles to enhance specific areas.


The usual dose applied is usually 1 cc, and 2 cc can be applied in cases of treating upper and lower lip, although at DraVillaverde we do not recommend applying more than 1.5-2 cc per session. DraVillaverde we will not recommend you to apply more than 1.5-2 cc per session..


The duration of hyaluronic acid in the lips is approximately 6-9 months.although there are always variations between each patient.


At the end of the procedure we will apply cold locally, and you will not have to rest, and you will be able to go to work or study without any problem since the inflammation is usually minimal.

Always trust a medical surgeon for lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid.


Occasionally patients come to our office concerned about the appearance of their lips. They tell us that about 10 or even 15 years ago they had “something” infiltrated into their lips, which they either don’t know what it is, or they were told it was hyaluronic acid. Many times they say that The treatment was performed in unregulated centers, although there are also cases in which they were treated by pseudo-specialized medical personnel.


At first the lips looked beautiful, fuller, etc., and the effect lasted much longer than the 9 months that hyaluronic acid usually lasts. Over the years, they began to harden and a kind of very visible fibroids began to appear, especially on the lateral parts of the lips, a very characteristic deformity that resembles a duck’s beak.


Well, normally these deformities appear because our own body reacts to those substances that were infiltrated into the body.. These substances are non-resorbable fillers such as silicone, kerosene, oils, polymers and other substances, and the first thing to emphasize is that current legislation prohibits their use. as dermal fillers precisely because of the long-term consequences.


The problem with these substances is that since they cannot be degraded or reabsorbed by the body itself, the body reacts against them by trying to encapsulate them. “foreign body reaction”Therefore, those lumps that are seen over the years would be the injected substance and a fibrosis that our organism has generated around it.


However, we know that these substances continue to be injected by unqualified or unethical personnel.


At Dr. Villaverde not only do you have the confidence of being attended by a qualified surgeon to augment your lips with hyaluronic acid, but we will also take care of you from the first moment your expectations.

At DraVillaverde we help you to correct problems in your lip augmentation, with the help of ouro correct lip augmentation malpractice is possible, but there is no magic treatment. There are no substances that we can inject and dissolve the badly injected substance, nor is the fibrosis generated solved just like that. Treatment involves surgery. At Dr. Villaverde we will study the causes that have led to the poor appearance of your lips and proceed to resect the fibrous areas containing the infiltrated substance and repair the lips to restore them to a natural shape, maintaining proper volume and contour.

How can lip augmentation be corrected?

Depending on the severity and whether both lips (upper and lower) are affected, surgery may be performed in one or two stages. It is performed under local anesthesia and lasts about 60-90 minutes. The incision is camouflaged in the vestibular mucosa (in the inner part of the lips) so that it goes unnoticed, and is sutured with resorbable stitches. Many will fall off on their own, and those that don’t, retire within a week.

Occasionally, and once the wounds have healed, it can be concluded by infiltrating hyaluronic acid in areas where we want to improve the shape or contour, or increase the volume, of course, in a natural way.

If this is your case and you want advice about this problem, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Villaverde.

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