Lobuloplasty, a solution to correct the earlobe.

Lobuloplasty, a solution to correct the earlobe.

The earlobe is that small, rounded, fleshy, dangling part at the bottom of the ear. A small dangling appendage where we tend to wear earrings and dilations throughout our lives. Believe it or not, it is a part of the body with certain aesthetic importance, since its condition is related to the age of the person. The same applies to other areas of the body such as the hands or neck.

With the passage of time, the earlobe loses volume, smoothness and firmness. This is when it starts to look thinner, elongated or even wrinkled. At other times, having worn large, beautiful earrings, they may tear a little, causing the lobe to droop flabbily and without smoothness.

surgery on torn lobules

To correct the earlobe you have to undergo a lobuloplasty.

Lobuloplasty is a very simple surgery that restructures the earlobe, restoring its youthful appearance. This procedure can be performed through various reduction techniques or even by returning it to its rounded and fleshy shape.

Until a few years ago, this surgery was reserved for women. They have always worn earrings of all kinds, under the watchful eye of fashion and trends. Sometimes they wore huge earrings, sometimes beautiful dangling earrings. Fashion has always accompanied women and this fact has caused them to be the first to undergo lobuloplasty. Today we can practically say that the trend is changing. More and more men are undergoing lobuloplasty to correct their earlobes. And the reasons are the same as for women, to give the ear a more youthful appearance.

In which cases can a lobuloplasty be performed?

If you simply want to restore a rounded, harmonious and fleshy appearance to the lobe. It may also be that the earlobe has been badly torn and has split in two, resulting in a “bifid earlobe”. This situation is very uncomfortable as the earrings often fall off or become uneven. In both cases the procedure lasts more or less the same (30-50 minutes) and the anesthesia is local.

It may also happen that the aim is to restore the initial state of the earlobe after dilatation. In this case we can also achieve it with lobuloplasty.

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