The earlobe is the small appendage where the holes are usually made to wear earrings. This is an aesthetically important anatomical area, since its appearance is related to youth, health, etc. Their appearance varies as we grow older and age. When we are young, it looks smooth, dense and firm, and with the passage of time, it loses volume, smoothness and firmness, often appearing thin, long and even wrinkled.

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Lobuloplasty, restore your lobe to its original tightness.

Lobuloplasty is a simple procedure that restores youthfulness to our lobe. It usually restores the youthful appearance of the lobe by reduction techniques or by restoring the lobe to its full, rounded shape. It is performed under local anesthesia and is a short procedure: it takes 30-50 minutes, depending on the complexity of the case. The aim is to restore a youthful, harmonious and firm appearance to the earlobe.

On the other hand, torn lobes are those in which the earring hole is very wide, torn, and often the aesthetic aspect is not the desired one, either because the earrings cannot be worn properly, they are arranged in the wrong way and look asymmetrical, and there are even cases in which the earring falls out. In the most severe cases, the orifice has been so torn that it is complete and there is a separation of the lobe, which is called a “bifid lobe”.

Fortunately, these cases have an easy solution, with excision of the affected area and repair with fine stitches, which avoid as far as possible to leave marks in the area. It is a simple, safe procedure with very flattering results. It is performed under local anesthesia and lasts 30-50 minutes, depending on each case.

Finally, earlobes deformed by dilatations can also be repaired, as well as other areas of the ear where piercings, earrings, etc. have been worn, although in these cases the complexity and time of the procedure is usually greater.

These procedures are simple, with predictable and very satisfactory results for the patient who undergoes them.

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Before and after photos of surgery on torn earlobes

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