FAT INJECTION MASTOPEXY – augmentation with the patient’s own adipose tissue

The treatment of adipose tissue involves a set of techniques that have set us apart from the rest. We use it for facial treatments, body contouring, breast, buttocks, scars…

Lately we have quite a few patients who, either after several years with breast prostheses, or not wanting to be implanted with prostheses, ask us for breast surgeries complemented with fat grafting.

Different cases of breast mastopexy with fat grafting


Patients who, after becoming mothers, want to reconstruct their breasts, have them lifted again, and have an extra volume in the upper pole, give them more firmness, more volume, in short, recover their previous breasts or even enhance them more.


2. Patients with prosthesis, who want to remove them, but in addition to performing a pexy and reconstruction, we perform a fat graft.

What are the advantages of mastopexy with fat grafting?

Well, mainly the patients value very much to be able to improve their breasts and increase them in a moderate way, without the need to wear prosthesis.

Secondly, fat is a natural option, we do not use foreign materials, so the integration into the breast tissues is very successful.

Finally: the liposuctioned area is improved, for example, if we take it out of the cartridge cases.



There is a type of surgery for each patient. With advances in surgery, and patients’ knowledge of our techniques, the range of options and treatments available to us is expanding. From breasts with smaller prostheses than those that have traditionally been used, to breast augmentations with fat, to significant breast reductions, etc. there are options for all kinds of tastes. The important thing is good communication between patient and surgeon.

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