With mentoplasty we restore a youthful appearance to the chin. The chin is of vital importance in the face, as it is one of the pillars of the “beauty triangle”. This inverted triangle is constituted by the malar prominences or cheekbones and the chin. It has its maximum expression in the years of youth. As we get older, the definition of this triangle is gradually lost, and at times
is reversed, when the tissues are stretched and the volume falls towards the jawline, emptying the cheekbone area.

What is mentoplasty and how can it help you?

Mentoplasty is a procedure that restores chin projection in the following cases:
– Congenital deformities such as retrognathia.
– Poorly defined chins.
– Loss of definition 2nd to aging.

At Dr. Villaverde we will help you diagnose your case and we will propose the best treatments or surgeries to treat it, so you can look the way you want.

How is mentoplasty performed at Dr. Villaverde?

At Dr. Villaverde we care about attending you in a personalized way and explaining step by step how we will proceed in each surgery. For us, the doctor-patient relationship is a fundamental pillar of our work. Mentoplasty includes the following procedures on a case-by-case basis:


Mentoplasty by infiltration of hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own adipose tissue.

The infiltrations of both adipose tissue and hyaluronic acid are the least aggressive procedures to solve this problem, restoring the projection of the chin. They are usually sufficient in cases of loss of definition due to aging. This procedure can be performed in consultation, with local anesthesia, does not require hospitalization and recovery is immediate.

Mentoplasty for chin prosthesis.

If we decide to perform the mentoplasty using a prosthesis, we will place the prosthesis in the chin area to improve its conformation. The incision can be made through the oral mucosa (vestibular area) or through an incision through the skin under the chin (submental). The placement of chin prosthesis has to be done in an operating room, under sedation or general anesthesia. However, it is not necessary for the patient to stay overnight in the hospital; he/she could leave within a few hours after the operation. The stitches are removed after one week.

Mentoplasty by osteotomies:

This procedure consists of strategically cutting the chin bone and fixing it with small plates and screws to achieve an advancement or more projection. The osteotomy must be performed in an operating room, under sedation or general anesthesia. The patient will be able to leave a few hours after the operation, and hospitalization will not be necessary. The stitches are removed after one week.

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