This is a procedure that has become very popular in recent times.

The ideal forehead does not exceed 6 cm in width, but sometimes, patients consult us with foreheads measuring up to 9 and 10 cm…

In them the hairline is receding and usually the forehead is already curved and shows a somewhat horizontal aspect, which sometimes disharmonizes the rest of the face.

Frontoplasty is a simple surgical treatment in which the excess forehead is removed, using an incision hidden inside the hair, and this hairline is advanced forward. In many occasions these patients have thinning hair or even alopecia, so many take medical treatments for alopecia or it can be combined with hair transplant surgery.


Frontoplasty is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation, and a 2-3 cm strip of forehead skin is removed, and the forehead hairline is advanced. Our objective is that the hair is born in the vertical plane of the forehead and that it has a maximum width of 5 or 6 cm.

In this procedure it is often necessary to make cuts in the galea to approximate the closure and make the scalp more extensible. In certain cases it may even be necessary to use bone screw fixation.

The scar is usually invisible, hidden in the hairline and runs in a zigzag pattern.

The postoperative period is hardly painful and is not at all uncomfortable. We remove the stitches in two weeks, and then it is recommended to wear a hat or be very careful with the sun exposure of the scar, it is recommended to use SPF 50 during the first year.

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