RHINOMODELATION (Rhinoplasty without surgery)

Rhinomodeling is a procedure with which we manage to harmonize our nose in general lines, without the inconvenience of undergoing surgery for a rhinoplasty.

It is a procedure performed with hyaluronic acid that consists of restoring harmony to the nasal structures. With rhinomodelation we achieve:

  • Rectify the back of the head, hide possible nasal humps
  • Rotate the tip (raise it upwards, to make it look more attractive).
  • Define and stylize the tip, refine it by marking the three basic points of light.
  • Correct asymmetries, bone protrusions, fill subsidence or possible defects.

It is a simple procedure, performed in the office, with the patient awake. It is not painful, although we will apply both local and topical anesthesia to minimize the patient’s discomfort. The duration of the treatment is approximately half an hour, in which we will infiltrate the hyaluronic acid indicated for each case or patient. We generally use Juvederm Voluma because it is the one that gives us the best results and is more stable over time (it lasts approximately 1 year).

The following day the patient is fully presentable socially and occupationally, and without inflammation as it is a very non-aggressive procedure. It will not present any symptoms, in a rare case some pain or inflammation that can be treated with paracetamol or ibuprofen. The only limitation to be respected is not to do sports for 24 hours and not to massage the hyaluronic acid deposits in the nose during the first 3 weeks, until it has stabilized.



– Fast procedure, in consultation

– No need for surgery, general anesthesia or sedation.

– Painless

– No postoperative period (the patient looks normal from the next day).

– No need for rest or subsequent activity limitations

– Cheaper than rhinoplasty (the price is approximately 350-400€).

– It can serve as a “test” before undergoing a rhinoplasty, which would be a definitive intervention.


– Does not modify moderate or severe deformities, difficult to correct important asymmetries.

– Does not improve respiration

– Does not correct septum deviations

– The procedure is not permanent

– The degree of improvement depends on the initial condition of the nose.

The evaluation of patients who have undergone this procedure is very favorable, given the simplicity and speed of the procedure and the results obtained. The nose is a central structure in the face and when we “retouch” it we harmonize it with the rest of the facial components.

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