The 3D nipple tattoo that restores naturalness to your breast

Nipple tattoo

The 3D nipple tattoo that restores naturalness to your breast

Nipple tattooing is the last step in the breast reconstruction process after a mastectomy for breast cancer. When a woman is notified that she has breast cancer and that the damaged tissue must be removed, a long process begins that in most cases ends successfully. Thanks to medical-aesthetic nipple tattooing and hyperrealism we were able to give back to the patient a vision of her natural breast.

In Dr. Villaverde’s clinic we perform this type of breast reconstruction procedures, as is the real case of Isabel, one of our most successful breast reconstruction cases. Nipple tattooing is a growing practice that gives back to the female breast a very real aesthetic.

Nipple tattooing sessions at Dr. Villaverde’s clinic in Valencia, Spain.

During these months of February and March we are carrying out in the clinic of Dr. Villaverde some very special days of nipple tattooing for all the people who need it. Last Friday, February 21, we had our first patient tattooing her nipple in our office.

Our medical-aesthetic tattoo artist, Elena Alonso, did an exceptional job with an amazing result.

How is the nipple tattooing process?

Medical tattooing is a method of total or partial restoration of breast areolas after mastectomy. It is a simple and painless procedure. The result is permanent and presents immediate aesthetic and psychological benefits for the patient:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved day-to-day safety
  • Recovery of the vision of two symmetrical breasts.

Nipple tattooing technically consists of the introduction of pigments into the epidermis. This type of tattoo uses hyperrealism to achieve a three-dimensional effect. The duration of this procedure is approximately 4 hours. During this time we seek to achieve total realism in tattooing through the application of artistic techniques such as volume, shadows and lights through color. Color is one of the most important aspects of tattoo application. For the result to be 100% satisfactory, it is necessary to perform a color study of the patient.

Nipple tattoo step by step.

Color study

nipple tattoo - dravillaverde

First we make a color study of the skin tones of the nipple areola of the patient. To do this we take samples with the different inks to be used until we get the range of colors that we are going to use in the procedure of reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex.

Nipple tracing for tattooing

Once we have performed the color study of the patient, we are ready to perform the tattoo. Before pigmenting the dermis it is necessary to make a tracing of the other existing nipple or to simulate one, in the case of having to tattoo both. For this we use a special ink that will help us to trace the shape and size to achieve a symmetrical and natural result.

nipple tattoo - dravillaverde

Let’s start tattooing!

Once we have the shape and size of the areola traced on the breast we are going to operate, we only have to start tattooing the area using hyperrealism, to achieve a 3D result of the nipple.

How can I get an appointment for a nipple tattoo?

You can contact Dr. Villaverde’s office by calling 684 148 979 or sending an email to, also through social networks on Instagram or Facebook. Dr. Villaverde’s office is located at the Hospital 9 de Octubre in Valencia, in the Outpatient building.