After my years of training as a resident and specialist in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, in different public hospitals and private clinics, I felt the need to have my own space where I could offer a close, empathetic and transparent assistance to my patients. Information is everything in life and in medicine, that is why our mission is to transmit this information to our patients so that they know how aesthetic medicine and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can improve their wellbeing.

For us it is essential that the patient is aware of the different therapeutic options available and that he/she is free to choose the treatment that best suits him/her, under our advice.

This journey began in 2018, at the Hospital 9 de Octubre where we opened our first Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery practice, and had our first patients. The experience was very rewarding since the satisfaction of our patients was a goal that filled us with happiness and fulfillment doing what we loved the most. Little by little we began to consider the project of designing a new clinic where patients would feel at home, with our full dedication and with the support of the latest technologies. After much planning, effort and work, this clinic will be inaugurated in September 2021, in the emblematic building in Valencia known as “La Finca Roja”.
La Finca Roja”.

Our clinic reflects with its balance, elegance and harmony what we seek to offer our patients in our treatments: simplicity, naturalness and wellness. We remain highly motivated and satisfied, as much as on the first day, and this is transmitted to all our patients and is reflected in our daily work.